10/6 & 10/20 — Authentic Inquiry; Into the Grace of Resolution


Authentic Inquiry is an opportunity to gain mastery with a variety of cutting edge structured inquiry modalities that address both mental and emotional clearing. The series creates an inspired and supportive field within which to explore and master your innate ability to reconcile, or unify and balance the polarized opposites of a dualistic, limited ego-mind and ultimately come to rest in the truth of your own essential nature — beyond the limited mental constructs of duality, and as the Unified Field of Oneness.

On Sunday, October 6th we used one of the reconciliation of opposites techniques with a group square to take on and peel away deeper layers of one of the trickier polarities for our human egoic structures — Remaining in Control versus Letting Go of Control. Together we’ll dig in to reveal and clarity both our attraction and repulsion for both sides of this polarity, to ultimately resolve and clarify it into its ascended, balanced state of Grace.

On Sunday, October 20th our journey of advanced inquiry took us into the realm of conscious embodiment as the key to emotional clearing. This is an update to some of our beloved and well used techniques for welcoming and allowing the disrupting frequencies that are triggered in us, as we meet the challenges of our current world and in our daily lives.

The series is supported by a dedicated online forum and the simple joy of doing the inner work in the company of an enthusiastic group of serious processing adepts!

Are you ready for the Fast Path of Mastery? If so, then  join us for this exciting series — powerful yes, and definitely not for the faint of heart!