11/19/21 thru 12/21/21 — Living Luminous Possibilities II


An Invitation to Dive Deeper Still Into Your Capacity to Manifest a Life of Luminous Possibilities II

An advanced and enhanced continuation of the work that we’ve really just begun with our previous two Conscious Embodiment series. This offering is a gift from my heart and a bit of a ‘dare’ as well. So, I have a few questions for you dear one.

  • Are you ready to radically up-level your game?
  • Do you want to take another major leap forward in your journey of awakening to the Truth of your Being?
  • Do you wish to work more deeply with me on a personal level?

If there is a Yes to these questions, then let’s get going! This series is for those who have graduated from Conscious Embodiment Series II.

Investment$690 full payment, or 3 payments of $235 per month.

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