Authentic Inquiry — the Aristocrat versus the Commoner Continued!


During our call on Saturday, November 30th we did a powerful  group square to meet head-on and bring to rest the polarized archetypes of the aristocrat and the commoner.Together we dug in to reveal and clarify both our attraction and repulsion to each of these archetypes, and ultimately resolve them into their ascended, balanced state of Grace.

We made a spectacular start to dismantling this pivotal dynamic, and are continuing to work with it online, and with potential future calls. If you’d like to join in, the recording and scribed results from this call are available with this replay. And you are welcome to join us if you feel that this dynamic is one that you are also seeing play out in the world and would like to be part of bringing it to rest. There will be one more call to continue our work on this one in 2019! Date TBD.