The Deepening; a Winter Solstice Meditation — Audio Recording


Join Victoria for a special meditation to merge with the exquisite Winter Solstice frequencies and receive their transformative gifts. During this global group meditation we  immersed in a tangible field of oneness, deeply held by a transmission of Solstice Grace Frequencies to align and connect with the power and luminosity that flows through this profound mystical window.

This meditation is an opportunity to retreat from the distractions of a world that feels to be in utter chaos and instead, immerse in the exquisite energy of the ‘Holy Days’ season; to deepen fully into the stillness, truth and divine wisdom of your own inner reaches. The grace of each Solstice alignment is an invitation to embody more completely AS the very essence of your soul. As 2020 has been an extraordinarily transformative year, there is no doubt that this Solstice is one that is catapulting us into a new higher harmonic, beyond any than we’ve known thus far. Greater illumination is at hand!

Download the replay of this meditation anytime to connect with its power and grace.

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