The Care and Feeding of the Emotional Body — Audio Recording


Join Victoria for a Satsang and Meditative Inquiry to further explore the gifts of 2019 — the glorious frequencies of reboot and renewal. Today we’ll consider how these frequencies invite us to address the well-being of our exquisite Emotional Bodies.

As empaths and sensitives, a healed and clarified emotional body is now more important than ever for allowing these frequencies of grace, flow and mystical precision, to upend the old so that we can really begin actualizing authentic Oneness and claim our innate multi-dimensional relationship with existence. This is the perfect time to investigate how this dimension of our marvelous subtle physical nature — the emotional body — functions. To discover what does (and more importantly what does not) support it. Clearly something that behooves us all  to consider at this time of powerful transformation.

Recorded on March 10th, 2019