8/27 Luminous Body Timeless Mind Meditation Replays


Join me for the replays of a celebratory global meditation that was held on Saturday, August 27th where together we amplify and transmit the frequencies of a new heart-based reality to support the awakening of human consciousness into higher dimensional states. Gaia’s vibration continues to ascend and her invitation is for us to evolve with her. This vibrational uptick results in a grand fusion of chaos and creativity in equal measure. A perfect storm to ignite in each of us our Soul ‘s desire to fully anchor and embody as Pure Presence — the Essential Self — our I AM presence.

I cannot imagine a more perfect way to celebrate my 74th birthday (which it was) than to share it with all of you beloved friends in a co-created fabulous field of meditation. This was indeed a special moment and I look forward to  sharing with you the realms of divine awe and wonder that provide the fireworks and have their way with us!