A Blyde Birthday Party & Nilotic Meridian Extravaganza Recordings


You are invited to enjoy the recording of our special Birthday Party Extravaganza that celebratd the birth of all of the Virgos in our lives — including mine!  Join this special Satsang and Transmission of Joy from the exquisite energies of the powerful yet refined Dreamtime Field of the Blyde River Canyon. We’ connect virtually at the base of the powerful Nilotic Meridian, and immerse in the vibrant frequencies of wild nature to still our senses and delight our souls. The beauty here is breath-taking and the energies sublime.

We begin with a meditation to a scintillating bush veld symphony — the sounds of the animal, mineral, insect and plant kingdoms in harmony. Then immerse further into the field with a special musical video journey to fully connect with each other in this place of my heart. This land where the river of stars with its sacred white lion guardians, infuses us energetically with both the primal power of mother earth and the exquisite mysteries of the Sphinx and Great Pyramid to the north.

So join me for an energetic bi-location journey to enjoy the gorgeous energies of this unique locale for a fabulous Birthday Celebration — free or by donation.

Join the party — get the video recording with this link.