Intro to Conscious Embodiment — Living As the Flow of Your True Nature Recordings


Are you ready for a life of greater vitality? One of unlimited joy and inspiration — no matter what is going on around you?

Have your years of meditation and egoic clearing work not quite delivered what you have always been aching for?

Do you long for a greater connection with the Truth of who you are and why you are here? For the clarity of your authentic guidance?

If there is a ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, watch or listen to an interactive webinar that took place on September 12th, to find out more about the upcoming series, Conscious Embodiment — Living As the Flow of your True Nature.

You might be surprised to learn that the key to accessing your Soul’s wisdom is to be found in a new, more robust and profound relationship with your own body. A quantum body that is so much more than you ever dreamed possible.The time is ripe for each of us to discover how to reveal and ignite our body’s innate capacity for spontaneous healing and enlightenment as a fully physicalized experience of life as a flow of unimpeded cosmic consciousness.

If you have questions about this journey to master the alchemy of  body, breath and awareness as the key to awakening all the way into your cellular structure and beyond, please email them to me here, or bring them with you so we can address them on the call.

We are so lucky to be here on planet Earth at this time and I am so inspired to share this new series with you. Join me for more on this journey of authentic, fully embodied, no-nonsense Self-realization.

Link to the audio and video replays here.

Full Series Details here.