Spiraling Back on the Basics of Spirituality & Mysticism Module 2 — Everything is Energy!


Join us for the second month in a new series to re-visit the fundamentals of awakening to enlightened consciousness while living and working in a world in major transition. The birth of a new paradigm brings with it energies and timelines that are constantly upgrading as they continue to steer us into more refined and rarefied frequencies, while at the same time amplifying anything and everything that is out of resonance with these energies. It is both rich with opportunity for rapid advancement and undeniably messy. This applies across the board — personally as well as on the global stage. (See Series details here.)

During this month’s calls on  September 8th and 29th, at 8:00am PDT we continue our series with Module Two — Everything is Energy!

During Module Two we will spiral back on the basics of energy management. This requires an understanding of our personal energy field, its subtle components and the most effective ways to develop, nurture and enhance our light quotient. As we do this, we are able to field the subtle dynamics of how we relate to all aspects of existence. Which means that we will also dive into what it means to be energetically impeccable.

We will look at how both our Spiritual Etiquette and Spiritual Ethics come into play. And how they both radically affect how available we are to universal or cosmic light and the wisdom encoded therein. An area where we can crash big-time if we are unaware of the subtleties involved. Please note that the amplified field that Gaia now holds, requires a much tighter alignment in our energetic profile.