Transforming your Life with Nature; with Lori Thomas, Spiritual Ecologist


Enjoy this recording from our second online event with Lori Thomas, Spiritual Ecologist.  During this call Lori shared more details about her recent break-through in consciousness and the role her relationship with nature and the insect kingdom played in making this leap.

An insight she came to is beautifully described below:

“There is no end to this journey, so my desire is to make all parts of it as joyous as possible. And the past?  It exists only as long as we keep it alive; whether with our stories or by holding it in our bodies.  But anything we don’t need can be released and eclipsed by the wonder of the present moment. And that is all we really to have anyway, isn’t it?”

Listen in to learn more about her experience and how to transform your relationship with the Insect Kingdom and Nature in general. And read the profound account she gives of this transition in a recent blog, Eclipsing the Past.

This call was recorded on 16 September, 2017.