April 14th — The Processing Lab for Unity Consciousness


Join us on Sunday, April 14th at 8:00am Pacific for this month’s foray into egoic resolution with our powerful monthly series —  The Processing Lab. An opportunity to hone your processing skills to a level of true Mastery, as you refine your mental, emotional and physical bodies into absolute clarity through authentic and impeccable self-inquiry.

This month we’ll continue our investigation of the problematic archetypes that create the spin of polarized duality, when we take on another set of polarized opposites — dishonesty or the liar versus truth or the truth-teller — into resolution during a group square during our first call.

Please note that unlike previous months, due to my travel schedule, there will only be one call this month. In May, we will return to our twice-monthly schedule.

If you are ready for some bad-ass processing, then join us for this exciting new program! Are you ready for Mastery!