Bridging the Schism between Humanity and the Natural World — Webinar Event Sold Out


An Intimate Conversation with Anna Breytenbach
Saturday, April 27th at 9:00am US Pacific, 12:00pm US Eastern, 5:00pm UK, 6:00pm South Africa

This  event  is  now  Sold  Out

You are invited to a very special live fund-raising event with and for a very special friend — world-famous interspecies communicator, animal activist, and passionate conservationist, Anna Breytenbach.

Anna is a rare soul — a Being of great compassion, profound empathy and exquisite sensitivity. Amongst many qualities, she embodies unconditional reverence for the natural world and unrivaled devotion to her life’s work. The degree of humility and selflessness she brings to her mission on planet Earth at this time of great transition, is unique and awe-inspiring, to say the very least.

Please join us for an intimate and heart-expanding conversation with Anna during this 90-minute video webinar where she will talk about her profound life purpose of bridging the schism between the species; with both its extraordinary gifts as well as its extraordinary challenges. She will also convey messages of guidance and inspiration from the animal and other nature kingdom collectives offered in support of humanity, during this pivotal time in our evolution.

In addition you will have an opportunity to tap into her vast reservoir of wisdom with your questions about her work and experiences Please submit your questions here in advance of the call, so that Anna can address them during the live event.

So join us on Saturday, April 27th for for an insightful and heart-expanding conversation with Anna in support of her profound and unconditionally selfless work for the well-being of the planet. And do know that if you cannot make the live event — there will be a video recording available to anybody who has registered for the event shortly afterwards.

For more on this special event, click here.

Please also note that Anna has been unable to work for over a year during her journey with physical survival. Still in recovery and dealing with some resultant disabilities and significant limitations, her priority has to be tending to the needs of her body vessel, and taking very good care. This involves healing treatments and support structures to assist with daily life, which is challenging both financially and practically.

Consequently, this is indeed a special opportunity to not only benefit from what Anna has to offer you but for each of us to support her and her work with our prayers and  financial support in paying for this webinar.

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