Tales from the Nilotic Meridian


The Nilotic Meridian is also known as the “River of Gold” or the “River of Stars.” Originating in South Africa, it is a mystical embodiment of ancient African wisdom and held sacred as the axis mundi of the planet – Gaia’s prime meridian. Its power flows upwards from the earthy primordial South to the refined and rarefied energies of the Giza Plateau in Egypt where the powerful Great Pyramid and wondrous, mysterious Sphinx anchor it to then radiate out and enliven all of the other energetic leylines throughout Gaia. It functions exactly as that of our own energetic core, or Shushumna, and is indeed the Shushumna of the planet.

You are invited to join Victoria for an exploration of the transformation that comes when you align your own Shushumna with Gaia’s. Can you imagine how powerful that might be? If so, you might want to join us for this most potent transmission.

This call was recorded on April 2, 2016