Authentic Inquiry; Recognition and Resolution with Grace


Authentic Inquiry consists of two calls each month where participants are exposed to and gain mastery, of a variety of structured inquiry modalities.

Join us on Saturday, August 24th at 8:00am PDT/4:00pm UK for this brilliant, effective and masterful path to:

  • Usher the mind into stunning coherence,
  • Clarify the emotional body into balanced resonance with our own essence as cosmic Truth,
  • Propel each of us into the vastness and spectacular terrain of our own Divinity.

On August 24th we’ll take our inquiry into the realm of the opposites that create the spin of polarized duality using the Marriage of Spirit tools. Using our online platform we’ll engage in a dialogue to determine beforehand just what is energetically “up” for all concerned this month. Then we’ll work through a group square to resolve the chosen set of opposites into its ascended and balanced state of Grace.

At the moment two potential dynamics to look at are:

  • Appreciated versus Being Taken for Granted or
  • Acknowledged versus Unacknowledged

Are you ready for the Fast Path of Mastery? If so, then  join us for this exciting series — powerful yes, and definitely not for the faint of heart!