At the Gateway of All Possibilities — a Free Meditation and Transmission Audio Recording

Join me for a meditation and transmission to journey into the Field of All Possibilities; also known as Nirvana, Samadhi, the Absolute, Beyond the Beyond, and many others. All are attempts to name that which cannot be named and describe the indescribable — that which can only be experienced. And within which your True Nature as the Divine incarnate is revealed.

The  gloves are off now when it comes to meditating into the depths of our Being and traversing the realms of the great unknown. We have all the help we need from our gracious Mother Earth, the invisible realms and our luminous cosmos. With some additional oomph from the Arcturian High Council for this special Birthday event!
I’ll meet you at the gateway. Recorded on August 26, 2018

This call is free or by donation.
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