Igniting the Circuitry for Universal Love — 3/14/21 Replays


Watch or listen to the replay of the March 14th 2021 session and learn how you can ignite the subtle circuitry of your energetic body and resolve any limiting beliefs or programmed behaviors that create what we perceive to be ‘problems’, far more effectively than you’ve ever imagined possible! When we work with the frequencies that underlie the mental and emotional bodies — the quantum level from which the thoughts and feelings, the beliefs and triggered reactions are created, — we are on to the most powerful cutting edge processing technology available!

Moving beyond the story is not only taking our attention beyond the memory of wounding experiences. It is moving our awareness beneath the story of the polarized mental dynamics and the emotional body triggers. Mental and emotional processing are valid and valuable tools, but my experience is that they are not as effective as processing from level of the root cause, the energetic frequency. We are quantum beings, living in the reality that we create for ourselves.

Learn how to Take it to the body — and master this cutting edge processing technology that will allow you to deconstruct the protective or performing personality of the separate self, and live as a flow of divine cosmic Love. Thus awakening to authentic Realization and providing a magnificent gift of service for the human collective.

Recorded on March 13 2021