September 15th & 28th — Authentic Inquiry; Recognition and Resolution with Grace

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Authentic Inquiry consists of two calls each month where we are able to master a variety of structured inquiry modalities. Join us Sunday, September 15th & Saturday September 28th at 8:00am PDT for this brilliant, effective path of mastery to usher in stunning coherence, clarify he emotional body and propel each of us into the vastness and spectacular terrain of our own Divinity.

On Sunday September 15th the group will take a deep and courageous dive into the emotional terrain of the Deprived Child Archetype. Together in a group context, we will partner with the Invisible Realms to reveal and release those unconscious frozen children who have been waiting in the wings for their liberation for such a very long time and are now ready for resolution. The brilliant opportunity of this moment in time is that when we resolve our frozen children with our own unconditional love and nurturing compassion — we forge a far more profound relationship of trust and surrender with our own essence of source divine — our Sacred Heart. This powerful emotional inquiry will be as always, aided, abetted and profoundly held by the presence of Grace.

On Saturday September 28th we will have an opportunity to work with another new approach of authentic inquiry, when guest facilitator Meg Archambault joins us to share An Introduction to SoulWork as a Path to Embodied Awakening. She will introduce the “Seasons” of SoulWork as phases or living practices, with examples/short experiences of each. What perfect timing — as this will be right after the September Equinox transit from one season to the next!

Are you ready for the Fast Path of Mastery? If so, then  join us for this radical series — powerful yes, and definitely not for the faint of heart!