Awakening the 5D Body Series


A four Call Series — July/August 2015

Join Victoria for a series of mystical/meditative journeys to awaken the 5th dimensional body. She offers a transmission of highly attuned and refined subtle-body awareness that has the capacity to unlock your body's latent ability to receive and re-calibrate to higher dimensional frequencies.

With the alchemy of body, breath and conscious awareness, both our energetic and physical bodies become capable of expanding to fully receive the powerful new energies that are literally bombarding our world at this time. If we are open to receive and align with these amplified energetic currents, they can quicken the awakening of our higher-dimensional (or 5D) embodiment with greater ease and grace. The 1st call in the series is the full Satsang and 2nd is the meditation only.

Recorded on July 19, 2015.


Next join Victoria and friends for an amplified group clearing to address the polarities that still lurk in in the unconscious regarding our physical bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual or otherwise). We scope them out to be welcomed, resolved and transformed to allow the new cosmic upgrade energies to flow without obstruction.

We used guided meditation, dialogue and individual participation to partner with the invisible realms and call upon the amplified power of our group field to support each of us in making a significant upgrade in our capacity to receive the flow of higher dimensional frequency that is now available for our personal and collective ascension.

Recorded on July 26, 2015


During the fourth call in the series we were guided into opening several new etheric channels in the body to transform the experience of our physical embodiment from one of density to one of pure light, to more easily experience beyond the mental/emotional and physical bodies into the realm of the subtle physical bodies.  These etheric pathways coming are online and available now with the current energies have had an extremely profound affect on all who have been introduced to them.

This call was recorded on August 16, 2015