September 29th – October 11th Awakening Your African Soul


September 29  — October 11, 2017
A Retreat
with Victoria More & Ruth Underwood

Being in the African Dreamtime field with wild elephants, giraffes, big cats, etc. in the Kruger Park will unleash your innate capacity to communicate with all animals faster than anything else. Visiting up close and personal to receive their transmission as well as actually sleeping in the extraordinary field of the sacred White Lions of Timbavaati is a rare privilege that few on earth are blessed with. Meditating in a canyon where the Elohim hold council and in such close proximity to a cosmic stargate that is camouflaged as a pyramid-shaped mountain, is not your normal spiritual experience, believe me.

The reason I’ve offered these journeys is because of the quantum boost that immersing in these frequencies has ignited for me personally, in my own evolutionary trajectory of God Realization. There is no other place on the planet like this … and it is my deeply held desire to share this unique experience with those of you who are really serious about awakening to the Truth of you own divinity in this lifetime.

Please use our online application to register and then make an online deposit to hold your space for our intimate, sixteen-day pilgrimage of discovery and exploration to places of great spiritual power, personal renewal and natural beauty in South Africa. 

Please see our exquisite brochure for trip details and to feel something of the magic that unfolds when you Awaken Your African Soul“. However, when you review the brochure, please note that we are offering the Mpumalanga Only portion of the journey at this time and day one is September 29th.