4/27 & 6/1 To Embody Our Mystical Nature


I invite you to join me for two meditations especially for the mystically inclined. The first will be held on Saturday, May 25th and the second on Saturday, June 1st both at 9:30am Pacific time. Being born a Mystic this time around is a huge blessing and gift. Yet it is one that is not without challenges. On one hand the tender frequencies of awe and wonder at the majesty of this beautiful planet are easily accessed, while at the same time we often stumble about, wondering where in the blazes is the navigational roadmap for this confusing place.  Our sensitivity seems to leave us feeling vulnerable to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune while we are doing our best to bravely meet this adventure called life head on.

Seek no more. The roadmap is at hand—literally!  For it is in our hands and our feet, our skin and our bones — and every other physical expression of our DNA. The roadmap appears when our subtle, refined awareness is infused into every particle of this earth-body we’ve created, as the vehicle to walk this divine-human experience at such a pivotal time of humanity’s ascension.

Vulnerability when fully embodied, opens us up like nothing else can and becomes our Superpower!

These meditations for fully embodying our mystical awareness are inclusive and open to all with a recommended energetic exchange of $24 per call or $44.00 for both. However if this doesn’t work for you, please join as a guest. I am delighted to share with you an opportunity to immerse within and anchor in our bodies the dimensions of unfathomable intelligence and luminous grace.

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Passcode is Oneness

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