Cellular Illumination Series— Opening the Samadhi Channels


Cellular Illumination – a Journey of Conscious Embodiment 3rd Call
Opening the Samadhi Channels 2017

The Samadhi states are a full-spectrum-experience that engage and encompass all of the bodies. There was a time, many eons ago as patriarchy was moving into its ascendancy, when the priest and priestess-hood consciously chose to shut down specific energetic channels in the subtle physical bodies; knowing that they would have to lie dormant for thousands of years, until such time as it would be safe to re-introduce this access back onto the planet.

That time is now. The planetary ascension is upon us. These channels not only give us access to our own divine nature and the sublime and delicious Samadhi states, but are also directly connected to Gaia’s meridians, as our ascension in intimately linked to our beautiful planet’s dimensional shift. It is time to embrace our innate connection to Gaia’s magic.

Victoria’s transmission of highly attuned and refined subtle-body awareness is a profound gift and mystical skill that can help unlock your body’s latent ability to re-calibrate into higher dimensional frequencies and eventually become a fully realized body of light. This level of embodied wisdom comes primarily from kinesthic exposure or as a result of energetic mapping and profoundly enhances the effect of the mystical/meditative journey this recording offers the listener.

Recorded on October 23, 2016