Cellular Illumination — Sacred Geometry of the Body


Cellular Illumination — a Journey of Conscious Embodiment
First Call — Sacred Geometry of the Body

Can you feel how Gaia’s continuously ascending vibration is calling you to keep apace with your own frequency on all levels of embodiment? Are you inspired to really go for it and claim your birthright as a fully Conscious Embodiment of Soul Realization? Do you want to live with greater vitality, energy and inspiration as you upgrade your Joy Factor?

If one or all of the above resonate with you, then you’ll want to join us for this new 10-week series to reveal and ignite your body’s innate capacity for cellular awakening and with that, an exponential expansion of cosmic awareness.

Victoria’s transmission of highly attuned and refined subtle-body awareness is a profound gift and mystical skill that can help unlock your body’s latent ability to re-calibrate into higher dimensional frequencies and eventually become a fully realized body of lightThis transformation is accelerated when we are immersed in a field where body-to-body communication at the level of causal awareness ignites the cellular wisdom of your own divine nature to transform your physical embodiment.the cellular wisdom of your own divine nature to transform your physical embodiment. This level of embodied wisdom comes primarily from exposure or as a result of energetic mapping, in addition to any guidance or understanding gained.

Recorded on October 9, 2016