December 2019 Solstice Celebration & Meditation


Please join Victoria on Saturday, December 21st at 9:00am Pacific Time at for a very special call to honor the powerful Solstice frequencies and embrace their transformative gifts. During a worldwide group meditation we immerse in a tangible field of oneness, deeply held by a transmission of Solstice magic to align and connect with the power and beauty of this most profound mystical window.

This meditation is an opportunity to step back from both the distractions of a world seemingly in chaos and the bustle of the (mostly) joyous holiday season, to deepen into the stillness, truth and wisdom of your own inner reaches. The grace of each Solstice alignment is an invitation to embody more completely into the very essence of your soul. And each year the grace amplifies as consciousness continues to ascend.

This call is FREE or By Donation!
Call details: