December 9th & 29th — The Processing Lab for Unity Consciousness


Join us on Sunday, December 9th and Saturday December 29th at 8:00am PST for our radical new monthly series —  The Processing Lab — an opportunity to hone your processing skills into a level of true Mastery, as you refine your mental, emotional and physical bodies into absolute clarity through authentic and impeccable self-inquiry.

This month we’ll continue our take down of the “Original Sin” program — and all of its problematic archetypes that create the spin of polarized duality. It appears that the Guru / Disciple polarity is up for resolution first and then a process to take us deep within the feeling body to find out how much more of this toxic mythology is ready to clear before the end of this year!  Sound like a good idea?

Then join us for this exciting new program! Ready for Mastery?