Dialed Into the Ground of Being; a 3 call Series 2/27, 3/20 & 4/17


Sundays, February 27, March 20, April 17;  9:00am US Pacific
Dialing into the Frequencies of True State

How to thrive and flourish when all of our old perceptual markers are long gone!

When we fully anchor in the wisdom that is found in our deep core — our authentic essential Self — every single moment presents a choice point for conscious creator-ship. Anchoring as the ground of Being in the frequencies of ‘True State’, allows us to consciously co-create a reality that is an expression of the unified field of cosmic love. I invite you to embark upon this journey with me, if you are up for it.

These 3 initiatory sessions will be a full-on exploration of what it is and how to anchor AS the ground of Being and live in true state. with compassion, authenticity and vulnerability. In powerful deep meditations, sacred dialogue and conscious embodiment practices we will uncover our hidden treasures to find new strata of our Essential Self beyond what we have even imagined possible.


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