Dreaming Egypt — a Virtual Immersion in the Ancient Mysteries; October 16 – 28


October 16 – 28, 2018

To visit Egypt is to sink into its ageless sands, to feel the energetic alchemy held in its ancient sites and to surrender into the vast mystery of our cosmic heritage from time beyond measure. In this land of sacred wisdom the imagination flowers as the veils dissolve and fall away, inviting you to question all that you have previously believed to be true. You will pass through the threshold of the unknowable, and witness the play of light and shadow that invites you into your true Self. You are embarking upon a journey of your soul’s divinity. We begin our Sacred Journey upon the Giza plateau with a private initiation and transmission from the paws of the Sphinx … see full brochure here.

This journey is full, but if you would like to participate virtually, you are invited you to join us on the inner planes, with daily email updates that include specifics for each of our initiations (we only get these details when in Egypt), as well as access to some of the readings, teachings and images of the sites we are privileged to visit.

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