Embracing the Totality, a 3-day Virtual Intensive Audio Recordings


Offered by David Manning and Victoria More

What an extraordinary time to be here on Planet Earth!

This intensive took place over the weekend of the September Equinox of 2017. And proved to be — like the June Solstice — energetically unprecedented. This event definitely delivered what can only be described as an extremely “big bounce” in consciousness for all. As it was the natural outcome of an “obliteration point” that was then empowered by some serious Eclipse magic. For all of us mystics, what a field day! (See intensive brochure here).

Even if you couldn’t make the event in person, with these recordings you can join Victoria and David for a deep exploration and immersion into the fields of our personal and co-creative potential. This weekend enabled us as a small collective, to catch the momentum of transformation in our sails, and take a giant step in our evolution.