Equinox Meditation & Transmission — Embracing Oneness Audio


Join me for a special Post-Equinox event to honor one of the four most mystically charged days of the year. We’ll dive in deeply together to immerse within and integrate the balancing frequencies of equanimity and equality, to harmonize our inner feminine and masculine principles into  Oneness. The sacred Marriage of Spirit necessary for cultivating the deeper love of 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness within each of us.

Gaia’s vibration continues to ascend and her invitation is for us to evolve in sync with her as we support humanity’s awakening into a new higher dimensional evolutionary state. While polarization and chaos appear to have the upper hand at the moment, this is not the truth. It is simply what happens when the high-frequency vibrations currently infusing into all life on Planet Earth are just too much to integrate, and become instead a need to “off-load’.

When we meditate together and surrender into the depth of the Samadhi states, we enhance our capacity to both integrate these higher vibrations and meet with loving compassion any off-loading we find within our selves or others, allowing our lives to ignite into ever greater realms of heart centered, awakened embodiment. We then contribute massively to the stabilization of humanity’s ascension into a higher dimensional consciousness.

I am delighted to sharing this immersion with you in the realms of unfathomable intelligence and luminous grace found in the deep Samadhi states, during this powerful Equinox offering. Click here for the audio replay.


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