Extraordinary Conversations with Gaia


Aligning with Nature
Chrysta Huska; Inter-species Communicator

You are invited to meet a very special friend and colleague of mine Chrysta Huska, for a captivating and inspiring conversation about aligning with Nature to receive the gifts of wisdom and insight from the plant kingdom. Chrysta has evolved her innate gift for communion with the natural world over years of patient and wide-ranging study, in-depth personal investigation and an ever-evolving relationship with Nature based in a deep mutual love and respect.

She is a unique and pristine channel for the wisdom of the plant kingdom who speaks with authenticity and gentle grace. I know you will be delighted to meet her and invite you to enjoy this opportunity to be inspired to develop your own natural capacity to engage in a deeper level of dialogue with the plant world yourself. This call is FREE or by Donation.

This call was recorded on February 24, 2018

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