The Processing Lab Audio Series — Coming Soon!


It is time for each of us to lay down the gauntlet for ourselves to see just how serious we are about meditating into states of sublime absorption in our universal essence. refining the emotional body into absolute clarity through authentic, impeccable self-inquiry, and experiencing our own divinity as a lived reality of our embodied Truth.

All the stars are in our favor. Gaia’s slipstream invites us to hurtle forward if we are willing to come along with her, and the Universe is cheering us on. The support is unwavering and not lacking in any way.

The practices you’ll find in this lab offer an opportunity for you to hone your processing skills into a level of true Mastery, refining your mental, emotional and physical bodies into absolute clarity through authentic and impeccable self-inquiry. Here is a safe place to learn about delving deeply to explore the daunting territory of unconscious limiting beliefs, and resolving them to reveal the magnificent Truth of who we truly are. With the joyful support of taking on the inner work in the company of an enthusiastic group of serious processing adepts!

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