The Processing Lab Audio Recordings — February 2019


Listen in and participate with our powerful monthly series, The Processing Lab — for an opportunity to hone your processing skills to a level of true Mastery, and refine your mental, emotional and physical bodies into absolute clarity through authentic and impeccable self-inquiry. This group is achieving phenomenal results from their co-creative efforts.

The first audio is of a group square where we took on the polarized duality of Financial Ruin and Financial Success. Working with this extremely powerful set of polarized opposites was both intense and ultimately rewarding, when it came to identifying the ascended balance states and offering all aspects of this inquiry up to grace.

The audio from the second call explores the emotional intelligence required to really feel into the ascended balance states using an updated version of the Triangles technique from Marriage of Spirit book. We take the mystical approach of working with the emotional body at the level of its various vibrational frequencies to see how this leads to an authentic revelation and lived experience of of your own field as a field of frequency in a constant state of flow.