June 17 — Getting Out of the Spin! Embracing Our Empathic Gifts


The EMERGENCE group has been working together long enough to have become quite adept at deeply processing and resolving the energetic constructs (or programming) that create and maintain egoic limitations. They have learned how to effectively “Get Out of the Spin”.

Please join us for the June, 2018  session to take the next step in resolving the power dynamic of the Narcissist and the Empath. We all have both on board and it is quite unnerving to find ourselves bouncing back and forth between the two — or as an empath, trapped in relationship with a narcissist. What a blessed relief it is when we come to rest in the truth of our Being — that we are beyond both yet can hold them each in full compassion.

This time we are taking on the attraction and repulsion of our empathic giftsa surprising element we’ve uncovered with our exploration of this dynamic thus far.

Deliverance is here if you’re ready to do the inner work to unify and resolve these polarized states. And is more powerful (and fun) when we taken on together with a group of serious processing adepts!

This call was recorded on June 17, 2018