Initiation Africa! Nov 6 -18, 2018


Immerse in the Activations, Mystery and Spiritual Alchemy
with Victoria More and Sarah Nisse

“Once you have walked upon Mother Africa your life will never be the same.”

Towards the end of my first visit to South Africa in 2000, there was a moment when I became ecstatically aware of this profound truth.

As I felt the sandy earth crunching beneath my feet, the wind gently caressing my skin, the blazing sun dappled by the luxuriant foliage above, and heard the sound of the nearby river rushing by, I knew that I was being completely held in and by a full sensory experience of vibrant connectivity that I had never before touched in this life.

I knew in that moment that my life had been radically and permanently altered. Mother Africa had worked her magic on this deeply sensitive, highly attuned and mystically inclined Soul. She invited me to come down from my refuge in the transcendent and live in the vast mystery of full embodiment.

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Twelve days of pure bliss!

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