July 7th and 27th — The Processing Lab for Unity Consciousness


Join us on Sunday, July 7th and Saturday July 27th at 8:00am Pacific for the next foray into egoic resolution with our powerful monthly series —  The Processing LabAn opportunity to hone your processing skills to a level of true Mastery, as you refine your mental, emotional and physical bodies into absolute clarity through authentic and impeccable self-inquiry.

During our first call on July 7th we’ll continue our investigation into the problematic opposites that create the spin of polarized duality using the Marriage of Spirit tools. Prior to the call we will use our online platform to engage in a dialogue to determine what is energetically “up” for all concerned this month. Once we come to consensus on what is top of the list, we will take on a powerful group square to bring the selected dynamic into resolution.

Later in the month on July 27th we’ll introduce another form of inquiry, Byron Katie’s popular processing technique “The Work“, as described in her book Loving What Is. This highly effective approach is another way for us to powerfully bring our egoic natures into clarity and balance. Our co-created field provides a safe place where we can dig deeply to honestly confront and reveal with grace and grit the unconscious territory of mistaken beliefs and patterned behaviors that keep us stuck in a limited spectrum of consciousness, creating difficulty and lack of harmony in our relationships with all aspects of our lives. This call will be an opportunity to expand our processing skills with a new powerful approach.

Are you ready for Mastery? If so, then please join us for this exciting ongoing program!