June 2020 Solstice — a Gorgeous, Grace-infused Global Solstice Meditation Recording


You are cordially invited to enjoy a meditation to honor the powerful Solstice frequencies and embrace the exquisite transformative gifts that are offered.

Each Solstice is a unique mystical window that opens to a greater influx of stellar radiation and cosmic light, as the axial tilt of the Earth comes to a gravitational “standstill” for approximately three days. The veils between the dimensions become so transparent that a deluge of multi-dimensional wisdom and universal love pours forth. Our job is to receive it and welcome the transformation.

During our global meditation we co-created and immersed within a tangible field of pure essence to align with the Cosmos and connect with the depth of its mysterious Solstice grace. Meditations during this profound mystical window offer an opportunity to step back from a world that appears as if spinning out of control, to deepen into the stillness, truth and wisdom of our own inner reaches. The grace of the Solstice alignment is an invitation to fully embody the essence of our soul, our true nature. There has never been a more potent moment to take this stance in support of humanity’s ascension.

This year’s special June Solstice recording is offered by Donation.

To experience this celebratory event please find the replay here:


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