June 21st Solstice Celebration Audio


Meditation at the Blyde Vortex

Join me for a powerful, mystically charged Solstice Meditation & Transmission to take full advantage of its gift of profound celestial alignment. Twice each year, the Solstice offers us an opportunity to pause and step out of time for a brief moment to experience what lies beyond the veils between the dimensions that have become so transparent. Here awareness easily attunes to octaves of greater luminosity, quiescence and divine presence.

This year the June Solstice was even more stunningly outrageous in its transformational power than the last, which is why we meditated together right at the time of the alignment for an over-the-top transmission from the realms of wonder and light!

I know that the exact time was a little inconvenient for some. However, if you want to make a bid for power & gain a springboard into higher consciousnesses — this is the moment to cast convenience aside. I guarantee there was no regret!

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