Receiving the Brilliance of this June Solstice Audio Replay


June 24th — a slightly Post-Solstice Meditation

While the June Solstice took place on Wednesday June 21st this year, our meditation on Saturday the 24th fell well within the energetic window of the powerful Solstice frequencies. A perfect time for a deeply heart-expanding meditation with like-minded Souls — those who know they have a part to play in support of humanity’s ascension into a higher frequency, heart-centered state of Being.

Together we have an opportunity to access greater depths of stillness as we immerse in a field of luminous possibility. One that is fueled by the mystical infusion of higher light that always comes with a Solstice, when the veils between the worlds soften into a transparency that reveals to us more of our true essential nature.

So enjoy the replay of our a super stellar meditation!

Listen to or download the Replay Here

This meditation/transmission is available by a donation of any amount.