June 24th — Cancer; a Divine Gift


During this call, meet my friend Alison Drummond, who shares publicly for the first time, her inspiring journey of healing from Stage 4 bone cancer. Diagnosed in May 2016, where tests showed the cancer was in nearly every bone of her body including the skull and spine, oncologists stated that there was nothing they could do to save her life.

On a conscious path for many years and as a therapist specializing in Mind Mastery and Shadow work (clearing the limiting beliefs and patterns in the unconscious mind) Alison declined chemotherapy and radiation treatment, choosing instead to follow a natural path of healing, guided simply by her own intuitive wisdom. She is now ready to share her miraculous healing journey —  a tale of courage, love, death and rebirth. And going from wheelchair to walking in 3 months.

Alison healed miraculously — against all odds and using a holistic approach — addressing all aspects of the dis-ease: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. In this call she shares how the cancer was a gift that has accelerated her path of Ascension.

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