February 13 thru May 2; Living As the Flow of Your True Nature II — a 10 Session Series


February 13th thru April 26th, 2021
Are you ready to take the next step? Here is the opportunity to advance further in support of your path to discover and ignite your body’s innate capacity for spontaneous healing and enlightenment as a fully embodied experience of living as a flow of unimpeded cosmic consciousness.

Series II for accelerated advancement includes:

  • Two Cellular Illumination interactive video webinars each month during February, March and April,
  • One “Take it to the Body” processing session each month.
  • Access to the The Cellular Illumination forum – a private, facilitated online forum for Q&A, sharing experiences & group support,
  • Additional materials, bonus calls and recommended activities,
  • Small group mentoring sessions as required

Investment$324 full payment, or 3 payments of $108 per month.

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