Kick-Ass Processing—Trusting in the Divine vs Trusting in Myself Only


You are invited to join us for a new foray into the amplified transformational power and high spirits that result when we put our heads and hearts together to tackle and resolve duality’s polarized dynamics with a good old-fashioned Marriage of Spirit group ‘square’. This technique is a seriously effective way to quickly deconstruct self-limiting Belief Systems (aka B.S.) and resolve the convoluted mental-emotional programming that comes with taking on a human incarnation.

We have had quite a few of these intense sessions and we always move a lot of stuck energy for each of us on the call as well as for the collective, while we are at it. If this sounds like an intriguing proposition join us for a rousing good time, as together we deconstruct the obsolete. The square we take on in this recording is HUGE — Trusting in the Divine vs Trusting in Myself Only. It was so powerful that it became the first in a three-call series on Reclaiming the Deprived Child.

Even if this approach is new to you, we encourage you to join in and learn how we collaborate in ‘real time’. For more information about using this technique, see full description below.

This call was recorded on March 26th, 2017.