May 20th — Transmission of Joy from the Blyde (Joy) River Canyon Audio Recording


Join Victoria and friends for Satsang and a Transmission of Joy held within the exquisite energies of the powerful yet refined Dreamtime Field of the Blyde River Canyon. Here at the stabilizing base of the powerful Nilotic Meridian, the wildlife, mineral, insect and plant kingdoms unite to create a field to still your senses and delight your soul. The power of place found here is like non other. The beauty is breath-taking and the energies sublime. Join me for this opportunity to immerse in the powerful yet gentle energies of this unique locale, in view of the conical, pyramid-shaped mountain Modimole — the meridian’s southern bookend to the Great Pyramid of Giza at the top.

Enjoy this recording for a beautiful satsang and meditation / transmission of pure joy and light from this magical place of transcendent power and joy-filled luminosity.

Recorded on 20 May, 2018