An Introduction to Reclaiming the Deprived Child, Recording


Join me for an in-depth introduction to a loving investigation of the Deprived Child archetype, where and why it has become trapped in your unconscious and how this affects on your ability to fully trust in the Divine.

If there are unconscious places in your psyche that hold mistrust of the Divine (and you can definitely find them if you honestly look within) that means you will never be able to really give up trying to control outcomes, you will always go into some level of fear when faced with the unknown, and continue to find yourself unsettled by major changes. And we live at a time in human history, where sudden, unexpected and radical change is the order of the day.

The awesome news is that reclaiming the deprived child with love and compassion will allow these places to be revealed and released for a renewed and far more profound relationship of trust and surrender with your own essence as source divine.

This call was recorded on May 14, 2017 — Mother’s Day — and includes a special Mother Gaia’s Day transmission.