Introducing Lori Thomas; Spiritual Ecologist — Audio Recording


How do you feel about insects … or bugs in general?  Do you love them, hate them, or have an irresistible urge to squish them on sight? Do you not want them in your house?

Are you aware that how you feel about them, and how you relate to them is an indication of how you relate to parts of yourself?

Five years ago, the insect kingdom reached out to Lori and asked for her help.  Since then she’s been receiving amazing guidance and  information from  these tiny beings. Their messages and insight have helped heal parts of her life, and given her a glimpse into their role as spiritual beings who are an indispensable part of life on this planet.

Curious? Then listen to the audio recording from this teleconference where I introduce you to Lori and we explore our relationship with insects, and the vital part they play not only in the world around us, but as messengers and healers in our lives as well.

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