Continuing Our Exploration of the Narcissist and Empath Dynamic


PLEASE NOTE: Date Change

Join us as we continue our exploration of the polarized power dynamic of the Narcissist with its opposite, the Empath in greater depth. Last month we worked with this polarity from the perspective of knowing that we all have a bit of both, so pointing fingers and playing victim isn’t the best way to deal with it. It was a fascinating journey and if you missed it, can be purchased here.

However as an empath, being entangled in relationships with a narcissist is no joke. And we see that we have much more we can cover in order to come to rest in the truth of our Being — that resides beyond both yet holds them each equally in compassion.

Deliverance is here if we’re ready to do the inner work that unifies and resolves the polarized states. And is way more powerful (and fun) when taken on with other serious processing adepts!

This call was recorded on June 3, 2018