Meditations to Activate Your Soul — Actualizing Agents 2022


Actualizing Agents of the Divine Series 2022
In March 2022, we began a series of global meditations to support the planetary upgrade in consciousness that humanity is currently experiencing. To my surprise and delight, these turned out to be some of the most profound meditations that I’ve ever experienced with a large global group. This offering consists of edited audios of all of these meditations. Each one a unique deep dive into the realm of unfathomable intelligence.
Don’t buy into the illusion that we are “going to hell in a hand basket”. Something much more wonderful is actually going on. We are here to play a part in birthing this new version of humanity as we fully anchor our Soul’s intent to embody a new ascended state, our authentic Essential Self. And why we’ve choose to incarnate here at this time!
If you want a treasure trove of exquisite guided meditations to return to again and again, this is something you don’t want to miss

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