December 10th Meeting Mother Africa


Preparing to Walk Upon Mother Africa

Meeting Mother AfricaJoin Victoria with her friend and mystical tour facilitator Ruth Underwood for a  special Free call. This call is for everyone who is planing to come, might be coming, has been in the past, or dreaming of joining us in Africa, even if it’s off in the distant future, or just a pipe dream. During our time together we’ll share some of our inspiring African stories; tales of the delightful and iconic animals, the sumptuous land, the gorgeous people and the powerful Nilotic meridian. We will then visited the exquisite animal dreamtime in a guided meditation/transmission after diving into the details to answer questions about how to prepare, what you might expect and what to bring.

Especially if you are one who’s heart has really felt the pull of Mama Africa, but …  you don’t have the money, or don’t have the time, or don’t feel quite ready … or whatever roadblock to fulfilling your heart’s desire has appeared … this recording is for you.  You might be quite inspired and surprised when we address the mysterious, miraculous way that the Spirit of Africa comes through for you when it is your time to answer the call to your heart

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