Meeting the Unprecedented Timelines of 2018 — Virtual Retreat Recordings


A Virtual Retreat with Victoria More and Friends
Held 12/29/17 through 1/1/18

During this powerful virtual retreat, we celebrated the close of 2017 – a year that has brought us intense energetic upgrades, an unprecedented level of transformation, and challenges that pushed us further than we had imagined possible. And joyfully welcomed 2018, which promises to be equally as intense, challenging and rich with as yet undreamt of transformational possibilities.

Truly this magnificent experience of planetary ascension is what we are all here for. And those of us gathered felt that dedicating this New Year’s weekend as a time to retreat, reflect and rejoice in a field of co-created Oneness was the best way to celebrate this grace. Even if you couldn’t make it live, you can participate in the power and presence with this audio series.

For a detailed description, please see our Brochure here.