Energy Codes Coaching—Intro


Everything is Energy …  And so are You!

Are you tired of struggling with chronic pain or illness and finally ready for vibrant, optimal health?

Have your years of devoted meditation, yoga or skillful inquiry not yet fully delivered all that you have been aching to find?

At this time of radical transition are you feeling the urge to authentically connect with your Soul’s purpose and receive the guidance necessary to fulfill your destiny?

What would it mean to you if none of the above are problems, but actually part of a solution that is already unfolding in your life?

The Energy Codes® are a set of principles and practices you can easily fit into in your daily life and allow you to tap into your essential self and realize deeper states of awareness. The results of working with this straight-forward yet immensely powerful approach is radical and life-changing, whether your spiritual journey has spanned many years or is just beginning..

As a long-time teacher of spiritual development and Conscious Embodiment, I am thrilled to now offer Energy Codes coaching in addition to all of the other modalities I work with! Find out more about the Energy Codes here.

Ready to Dive in with a Coaching/Mentoring Series?

Initial Session: $125
This one-hour initial session gives us a chance to get to know one another, ensure that there is a fit and assess what will best serve you. As I work with multiple modalities, this will help us determine what to include in a series specifically designed for your maximum transformation.

I offer this work in three-session, six-session and 12-session series.