Nilotic Meridian Transmissions of Power, Grace & Luminosity Audio


A satsang and meditation to celebrate life as an expression of gratitude and reverence for the gift of existence. Join me  for a unique and powerful initiation from the Nilotic Meridian.

You are invited to a powerful field of transformation for two new transmissions from a recent Initiatory Journey along the Nilotic Meridian. During this offering you will receive the galactic frequencies as held and transmitted by both the sacred White Lions of Timbavaati and the magnificent Wild Stallions of Kaapsehoop at Umazi Sakazi.

Gaia’s frequency continues to ascend and these amplified frequencies can be experienced most readily here at her core — along her central channel — this wondrous Nilotic Meridian. There are two recordings — one is the full call and the other is the meditation/transmission only.

Recorded on November 25th 2017