Mysticism in the New Now


What is mysticism in the new now? What does it mean now to be a mystic?  How would it feel to claim my 4th and 5th dimensional mystical nature? Or, is mysticism actually passé in this new reality?

Join Victoria for the delicious emanation of presence that is called forth when we come together in Satsang, and a no-nonsense look at these questions. The energies at this time are prompting us to finally reveal the true essence of our fully-grounded, transcendentally-infused mystical nature and see how essential this is to successfully navigate the current time of profound evolutionary transformation for humanity. (Hint: It is not just about power — nor is it an esoteric realm for ‘adepts’ only!)

As our journey of collective ascension continues to spiral up, the finely tuned awareness that resides within each one of us as energetically sensitive beings — is also enlivening. The current energies invite, empower and require us to fully open to our wise and tender mystical natures as the most natural way to gracefully transit these new frequencies.

Does this sound inviting? If so, listen to this recording for a most enlivening dialogue and powerful transmission.

This call was recorded on November 8, 2015.