October 24th in London, UK — Conscious Embodiment: A Higher Dimensional Transmission

Victoria is probably best known and loved for her unique and powerful guidance into conscious embodiment during meditation. Each time she pushes the envelope of what is possible with expanded awareness and each time participants find greater access to their inner resources. You may even be oblivious to the intensity on the conscious level but afterwards, you will realize a lot more occurred than you had imagined possible.

This evening Victoria offers a transmission of highly attuned and refined subtle-body awareness. It has the capacity to unlock your body’s latent ability to receive and re-calibrate into higher dimensional frequencies. 

With this transmission we are able to tread a new, more holistic path of embodied awareness. Come and experience a field of co-created oneness; hearts and minds aligned with the exquisite power and beauty of this occasion in a deep meditation to receive a transmission of pure light.

See https://www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk/events/view/id/842/conscious-embodiment-a-higher-dimensional-transmission for more information and how to register for this event.